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Roadside Truck Inspections: What is Covered? How Can Drivers Prepare?

Roadside Truck Inspections: What is Covered? How Can Drivers Prepare?

Given the fact that large commercial vehicles have a somewhat intimidating presence on the road, many local and state governments have their own stringent regulations pertaining to how these vehicles must be maintained. Every state conducts roadside inspections for commercial vehicles. Trucks are checked to make sure they comply with modern safety requirements. Parts are examined in order to ensure they’re in working order, and documentation is also verified to confirm drivers are in compliance with all licensing and regulatory mandates. Knowing exactly what an inspection entails can help drivers and trucking companies more adequately prepare for them.

There are a number of documents that drivers are required to keep on hand. In addition to standard CDL licensing documents and truck registrations, drivers are also required to keep a log detailing the hours they’ve worked and the times that they took any rest breaks. Every truck driver is also required to have documents detailing any hazardous materials they may be carrying and also detailing shipment details. And while every driver is also required to have an annual inspection report verifying that their truck is safe for road use, roadside inspections usually involve multiple basic aspects of a rig being checked onsite.

A truck’s brakes, fluid levels, tire pressure, and other factors all play a large role in how safe it is to drive. And given that a commercial vehicle can do much more damage than a standard vehicle if an accident occurs, it is important that drivers ensure their trucks remain in good condition. Most trucking companies conduct these inspections before sending a driver out on a route. And while it can seem complicated to prepare for a roadside inspection, technology exists to make it much easier. By keeping track of all important documents and giving truckers reminders for inspection requirements, trucking software systems can prove valuable during any roadside inspection.

Designed to work with laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, software suites can provide drivers with access to electronic log books that make organizing, updating, and viewing important documents much easier. These systems are designed to function with all modern types of trucking documents that may be required at a routine roadside inspection. And with the ability to remind drivers to perform safety inspections before going out onto the road, these software suites can greatly improve the safety of any trip and benefit any truck driver that uses them.

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