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Road Congestion Statistics Could Help with Infrastructure Projects

Road Congestion Statistics Could Help with Infrastructure Projects

It’s not a secret that truck drivers can be held up by traffic jams. Road congestion is one of the most frustrating problems faced by the trucking industry, and even the most talented logistics professionals sometimes find it difficult to plan around these types of problems. But one of the ways carriers and drivers are able to minimize the chance they’ll wind up in a traffic jam is to understand where these jams are most likely to occur.

The American Transportation Research Institute has named the converging area of Interstate 285 and 85 North outside of Atlanta as #1 in its Top Truck Bottleneck List. This list assesses congestion levels at 250 locations across the national highway system. The results are based on GPS systems, custom software applications, and large amounts of data collected from various drivers and carriers across the country.

The “Spaghetti Junction” tops the list, but spots in New Jersey, Illinois, Kentucky, and Washington placed as well. Information about traffic congestion can provide carriers with guidance on how to plan their routes carefully to avoid major jams. However, this type of data also has another purpose – it allows plans to be made for infrastructure improvements.

American Trucking Associations’ CEO and President Chris Spear said: “With President Trump expected to press for significant long-term infrastructure spending, this ATRI analysis should be a key guide for deciding what projects are worthy of funding.”

ATRI President and COO, Rebecca Brewster, said: “We use that data to target [congestion] locations for our friends in the public sector for [roadway] investments. Our hope is that when infrastructure funding decisions are made, this data will be used to target the most critical areas.”

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