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Road Closed In Corona For Road Construction

Road Closed In Corona For Road Construction

Riverside 91, one of the busiest travel corridors of Inland Empire, will be shut down for a complete weekend to let construction crews make some highway improvements, Even when the decision was announced to the public of Corona back in January 2016, the transportation officials believed a friendly reminder was in due before the freeway 91 was closed. The officials advised the motorists to stay away from the freeway from 9 p.m. Friday to 4 a.m. on Monday.

According to the officials, the westbound and east lanes of freeway 91 between the freeway 71 and I-15 in Corona will remain closed from Feb 19th-22nd.

When asked as to why the freeway will be closed, the Riverside County Transportation Commission, which is leading the project, reported that the closing will allow the construction crews to improve highway construction which also includes building a bridge on the Freeway 91 and Maple Street.

RCTC Executive Director, Anne Mayer, said, “By fully closing the roadway, we will be able to consolidate these significant construction efforts into one weekend, rather than multiple weekends or extending this over a month of weeknights.”

She further added, “Consolidating the work activities within one weekend will reduce the number of closure hours by more than 50 percent. The project’s design-build method allows for flexibility in planning work, such as this weekend closure.”

Other RTCC officials believe that this 55 hours closure window will allow the construction crew to: “Consolidate three major construction activities and help ensure the safety of project crews and motorists by eliminating the possibility of conflicts.” However, there is a possibility that if the weather isn’t suitable, the closure will be postponed until the next weekend.

The RCTC officials have gone too far by suggesting motorists to simply stay at home during the weekend. In an online post, they advised, “To minimize major travel delays and impacts during the closure, RCTC strongly recommends that motorists plan ahead, avoid travel in the area or stay home.”

In case the travelling in no way is avoidable, the commission says that motorists must then prepare themselves for a delay of at least 3-5 hours. “If travel cannot be avoided, motorists can use the 57, 60 and I-10 as alternate routes,” says the transportation commission. – See more at:

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