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Restart Rule Determination Will Be Based Off Study

Restart Rule Determination Will Be Based Off Study

A wording issue in a trucking mandate almost led to the 34-hour restart rule being completely abolished. But after Congress passed legislation to correct the appropriations bill which led to this initial confusion, a study will be used to determine which of the two rules is superior.

The study may show that drivers have enjoyed safer conditions and better results thanks to the original mandate. If this is the case, officials may be faced with the task of undoing the mandate which was passed last week in favor of the previous interpretation of the rule.

If the study shows otherwise, the updated version will be the one in effect. The report which will be used for the study has been in the hands of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for weeks, and many in the industry are waiting eagerly to find out about the ruling.

The restart rule has been a controversial mandate in trucking for quite some time, and the effects of this ruling have been felt substantially throughout the trucking industry. While some people maintain that the restart rule’s current state makes things less safe, other carriers say that the more rigorous version of the mandate can actually hinder smaller operations.

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