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Recall of 15,000 Volvo Trucks Announced

Recall of 15,000 Volvo Trucks Announced

Volvo Trucks North America has begun recalling about 15,000 2016 and 2017 model trucks that were manufactured without a roll pin. The notice issued by NHTSA stated that all Volvo trucks including the VNL, VNM, and VNX models and manufactured from May 11th, 2015 to March 8th, 2016 are missing the roll pin.

The missing roll pin goes into the steering shafts. Without the roll pin, there is a chance that the steering shaft may disconnect from its junction block if the rolling pin issue isn’t fixed. Adding to Volvo’s nightmare, the notice also claimed that the bolts joining the upper and lower steering shaft may not tauten properly if that is the case. Any of these two conditions can result in the detachment of the shaft anytime during transit.

According to the official statement given by NHTSA, the total number of trucks deprived of the roll pin account for 15,811 vehicles.

John Mies, Volvo’s Corporate Communications Head, acknowledging the claim of NHTSA, responded with an open apology. His actual remarks were, “We recently learned of four cases in which the steering failed on vehicles equipped with a certain two-piece steering shaft. Based on our inquiry into these incidents, we are proactively contacting the owners of the affected vehicles and directing them to take the vehicles out of service as soon as possible, and we have issued a safety recall. We have also stopped delivery of any vehicles equipped with the component. We will replace all the two-piece shafts with a one-piece shaft as soon as the parts are available.”

NHTSA further reported that the company is at the moment validating a temporary fix that will be available for the customers while the company looks for a final remedy. Both these remedies, as announced by Volvo will be free of charge. Volvo also plans to notify all its customers of the defect via emails and about the interim fix latest by the mid of March 2016. Once the company develops a permanent fix, owners will again be notified.

Speaking about the safety of all its customers, Mies further added, “We are completely committed to the safety of our customers and those they share the road with, and we are keeping NHTSA and Transport Canada advised as we address this issue. We have worked as quickly as possible to advise customers to remove the affected vehicles from service, and we’re working as quickly as possible to address the problem.”

The recall is expected to affect many VNM, VNX, VNL 2016 and 2017 model vehicles that were manufactured from May 2015 to March 2016.
But Mies cleared out any misconception its consumers had about the other trucks manufactured in the same period saying that the little issue with these truck doesn’t represent all of the production, adding that 40% of their production was initially designed with a one-piece shaft and these defected vehicles weren’t one of them.

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