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Quantity vs. Quality: What Does Your Trucking Resume Show?

Quantity vs. Quality: What Does Your Trucking Resume Show?

If you’re the type of person who is in the trucking industry for the long-term, you’re probably concerned about padding your resume in order to find the best positions available. While some people have the luxury of landing a good trucking job for a long period of time, others bounce between multiple carriers over a relatively short period of time. But if you’re looking for a good truck driving job, you need experience. The question is – which type of experience is best?

In certain cases, longevity at a trucking company can bode well for those who are seeking new jobs. A carrier may look for drivers who are loyal and committed to staying with a given company for the long-term. But in other cases, a carrier may care less about how long a person stayed at a single position and look more into other factors like the type of carriers they’ve worked for, the amount of accidents they’ve had, or even how recent their experience was.

There are many things that can affect a person’s chance of getting a truck driving job. And while a resume is better when it is filled with quality driving positions, the amount of time between these positions can sometimes also play a factor. Even if a person has multiple jobs in a short period of time, carriers often focus on how recent their last position was.

If a person has been out of the industry for a year or more, their chances of getting a quality truck driving position may diminish. Most carriers look for recent experience, and this factor can sometimes be the determining one when it comes to a hiring manager’s decision.

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