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Public Hearings On Issues With Automated Vehicle Safety

Public Hearings On Issues With Automated Vehicle Safety

Two public hearings will be held by Department of Transportation (DOT) as reported in a blog post by Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx. The date and time of each of the hearing will soon be posted. One of the hearings will be held in California while the other one will be in Washington D.C. The issue to be addressed in both the hearings will revolve around safety producers and how to incorporate the best safety operations in automated motors. Rumors have it, that the first hearing in Washington is expected to be held on April 2016, but it is not confirmed.

Elaborating a little about what the hearings might have in store, he made the following statements, “The feedback from these meetings will help the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration provide manufacturers with the rules of the road for how we expect automated vehicles to operate safely”.

Speaking about the role of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Foxx told that, NHTSA is “continuing to take other key steps to support the development of new technologies, including working with local and state leaders on model state policy so that we have some overarching safety principles nationwide, and determining what new regulatory tools and authorities may be needed to meet their safety mission in a time of rapidly changing technology.”

Moreover, A Volpe Centre report has also been released by HNHTSA specifically prepared to identify all the potential challenges and barriers faced by DOT when it comes to the certification of automated vehicles on which Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) apply.

Foxx also claimed that the FMVSS might have to adjust its standards following the current market trend. The report also identified for that there was only a minimum federal regulatory fees set for all cars with conventional designing and controls whereas manufacturers of cars that manufacture cars without safety design and controls have more obstacles to face.

He further continued that, “The Volpe Center report underscores the need for the actions we’re taking. It confirms that we need to establish clear expectations for safe deployment, and tells us that NHTSA has more work to do to ensure the safety of new innovations. We look forward to learning more from stakeholders as we start that work.”

But one thing to keep clearly in mind is that Foxx’s blog post had nothing to say about commercial autonomous vehicles.

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