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Prevailing Tech Trends Bring Change to Trucking Industry

Prevailing Tech Trends Bring Change to Trucking Industry

Technology is present in every industry and truck driving is no different. In fact, an emphasis on logistics management, fuel efficiency, and environmental efforts has led to a large amount of new equipment being implemented in recent years. Technology continues to change the way truck driving functions in a modern economy, and electronic logging devices may be the next tool that greatly alters the field for drivers and managers alike.

As of 2017, all paper logs will be replaced with electronic devices as per new regulatory measures. Designed to ensure that hours-of-service rules are followed properly, the devices can also help organizations accurately track hours and ensure all employees are classified correctly. But while these regulations may change the future of trucking, those who have made a living in the industry for years may find that the new measures are a bit more difficult to acclimate to.

Many carriers and drivers have managed to enjoy longevity in the industry, primarily due to the fact that they were able to enter into it when wages and hours were considered better. After working within certain parameters and following a given number of methods for so many years, switching over to a new way of doing things can be tough. While this may not be the change that many industry veterans are looking for, some think that it may help bring new drivers into the field.

With more jobs to fill than ever in the driving, logistics, and administrative sectors of trucking, it’s important for carriers to make sure employees feel comfortable signing on. Electronic logging devices can potentially make tracking important information much simpler. This can also help drivers feel more secure that they won’t feel pressured to skip rest breaks or take on additional hours without proper compensation. Every regulatory measure may have its positives and negatives, and ELDS will be no exception.

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