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Potential Brake Issues Lead to Trucking Recalls

Potential Brake Issues Lead to Trucking Recalls

A well-known carrier recently announced that some of their trucks would be recalled from the road due to potential safety concerns.

Navistar, a well-known name in the transportation industry, noted that the loss of air-brake pressure in some of their vehicles could potentially increase the risk of a crash. The affected vehicles are being pulled from operation to address the issue.

Navistar is a longtime producer of commercial trucks, busses, and defense vehicles. A company focused on innovation and improvements in the transportation industry, the Illinois-based company has many vehicles on America’s roads.

It is estimated that the potential number of trucks affected by the brake problem could be over 2,700 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A mounting bracket is the source of the problem. The component is prone to fracturing and causing leaks that could result in a loss of brake pressure. The recall is expected to start on May 12th. Navistar has announced they are notifying all affected owners and dealers, and that they will be replacing the brackets free of charge.

Navistar made news at the beginning of the month, but on a much more positive note. They announced their strategic alliance with fellow transportation giant Volkswagen Truck & Bus.

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