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Political Atmosphere Remains Friendly to Trucking

Political Atmosphere Remains Friendly to Trucking

After the election proceedings concluded this week, many in the trucking industry breathed a collective sigh of relief. Republican managed to maintain control of the Senate by a small margin – but the results of this election may have a big impact on the trucking industry.

Many feel that Republicans are more willing to work with carriers and drivers, and are more understanding of the widespread effects and unanticipated influences that mandates can have on the industry. A GOP-led Congress may prove beneficial to the freight industry in the future, especially given that growth is anticipated over the coming decade.

While many thought that Democrats would gain control in certain aspects, election results proved surprising. What does this mean for trucking? At the very least, it means that things can continue on track as normal. Large shifts in the political landscape of the USA means that heavily-regulated industries like trucking are subject to drastic changes.

While it is hard to argue whether or not the results of the election will prove beneficial to the trucking industry when it comes to getting current mandates changed or repealed, the results at least indicate that temporary stability and room for growth within the industry.

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