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Peterbilt’s Texas Plant Planning to Expand

Peterbilt’s Texas Plant Planning to Expand

The Peterbilt Motors Co. manufacturing facility was inaugurated in 1980. It produced its first truck in the same year. The plant in Denton, Texas, employed 81 employees when it was first opened. The first model that the auspicious plant produced was the famed Model 359 also known as the “Old No.1”.

35 years have passed now, and Peterbilt’s Denton plant shows no signs of slowing down. Since its founding, the facility has produced more than 500,000 trucks and has provided services and hosting aid to thousands of customers. The employees and management have collaborated together to establish a set of new rules, regulations and standards for safety, efficiency, quality and innovation.

Darrin Siver, Peterbilt General Manager and Paccar Vice President, said in a statement, “The value Peterbilt’s Denton plant has brought through the years to the company, our employees, customers, dealers and the community is immeasurable. The Denton plant is a premier manufacturing facility across any industry and we continue to invest in the tools, processes and people that keep it state-of-the-art.”

When the factory first opened its doors, only 81 employees manned the assembly lines, and were able to manufacture just 2.5 trucks in a week. This was in high contrast to the maximum capacity required from the plant and its workers, which was at least 16 trucks on a daily basis. But neither the management nor the employees looked back and worked day and night to achieve the level of excellence required. Since then, the plant operated through clearly defined protocols to ensure continuous improvement. Moreover, consistent stream of investment capital has aided it to increase its maximum capacity tenfold, with a workforce of 10,000 workers.

The factory has now expanded over a 45,000 sq/ft area and has gone through a number of renovations and changes throughout the years, for enhancement in the fields of efficiency, productivity and quality. As the years have passed, it has consistently been able to produce the newer models of trucks. This was made possible by the constant upgrade and installation of machinery, and tools and modern hardware and software. The combination of technological advancement and the hardworking labor force has not only enhanced the plant operations but has made Peterbilt a market leader in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

In fact, there were many instances, when Peterbilt was the first fleet company to adopt certain technological upgrades in their trucks such as the Robotic Chassis Paint System. Leon Handt, Peterbilt Assistant General Manager of operations, said in his statement, “To ensure our industry-leading quality and technological leadership, Peterbilt is constantly innovating throughout all areas of our operations. We laid the foundation 35 years ago in Denton to establish advanced manufacturing technologies, and we’ve been building on it ever since, taking it to levels of efficiency, quality and productivity far beyond when the facility was first designed.”

The recent additions and improvements to the Denton plant include a robotic cab assembly for 579 and 567 Models and a non-contact axle alignment system. The plant is also going through an expansion phase as a three tier structural upgrade is in progress. In addition to the 17,000 ft receiving area in the West side of the facility, the management is also planning to create an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) on the 2nd level of the factory.

Robert Woodall, Peterbilt Assistant General Manager of sales and marketing explained the need for expansion in his statement by saying, “The Peterbilt Denton plant is one of the strongest selling tools we have. Thousands tour the plant every year, and it’s a great way to showcase our product quality, customization and technology. The Peterbilt Experience is a great addition to the facility and gives visitors a unique opportunity to experience Peterbilt’s products and the company’s history.” – See more at:

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