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Peterbilt Recalls Semis That Go Faster Than Tires Can Handle

Peterbilt Recalls Semis That Go Faster Than Tires Can Handle

Peterbilt is a heavy truck manufacturer, who has volunteered to recall at least 2,000 of its semi-trucks. The reason for this decision is that the trucks were traveling at a greater and more accelerated speed than the tires could handle. This is an important safety precaution advocated by the administration of the company, one which is supported by most of the safety advocate groups in America.

This decision by Peterbilt also raised a number of questions and concerns regarding the safety of the roads and interstate highways in U.S. and Canada. Many safety lobbyists have often pleaded their case with the authorities, questioning trucks and their effects on the lives and safety of the public. Moreover, there are other fleet and manufacturing companies that are using the same type of tires and there hasn’t been any news of recalls from them.

Peterbilt is a component company of the Paccar Inc. of Bellevue, Washington. The spokesman of the company said that they would be recalling the semi-trucks manufactured from 2009-2016, because they are accelerating faster than 75 miles/hour, even though the advisable speed for Michelin Tires is up to a speed limit of 65 mph. The trucks that are being recalled are mainly utilized for hauling automobiles.

If a premature tire failure occurs on the front axles, due to the heavy load carried by the truck, it can cause a crash. These documents were published the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the document, the dealers are charged with the responsibility of reprogramming the trucks’ electronic programming so that aren’t able to exceed the prescribed speed limit. The spokesperson from Peterbilt also specified that these haulers usually go over the speed limit. This along with the load on their front axles can be unsafe. The company has decided to avoid any safety hazards by recalling the trucks.

The NHTSA is also encouraging other truck manufacturing companies, who are using the same brand of tires, to ensure that they also recall the trucks which are exceeding the speed limit, as a safety measure and initiative. It is important to note, however, that the agency has not made a formal request and has not yet started any formal investigation into the matter.

On the other hand, spokesman for Michelin Tires, Gordon Trowbridge, said in his statement, that their tires are safe and they offer high performance due to their design and quality. But the safety agency is investigating the matter of unsafe tires, specifically the performance of Michelin 22-inch diameter XZA tires. The investigation started in October, and at least 16 complaints were filed, due to which Volvo also issued a similar recall decision involving 115 trucks.

NHTSA has blamed the states for their decision to raise speed limits for interstate highways, which has caused a number of accidents in the past year. The safety authority also proposed a regulation to reduce speed limits and encouraged all the states to support the aforementioned proposal. – See more at:

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