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Peterbilt Adds New Auto-Start Technology

Peterbilt Adds New Auto-Start Technology

When it comes to the manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty trucks, Peterbilt leads the way in terms of design and driver support. For more than 70 years, Peterbilt has been the industry leader in terms of innovative technologies. This has helped its customers to achieve higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and profitability .In order to maximize uptime, the truck manufacturer has introduced a whole host of innovatory support systems and modern truck technologies. One such system and technology is the SmartAir no-idle system.

SmartAir is a HVAC system that provides climate control while the truck is parked. This helps fleets to deal with cabin climate control. The HVAC systems do not produce any emissions and are quiet. However, providing sufficient cooling capacity for long rest periods under extreme temperatures might not be possible for these systems. As they do not use any kind of fuel when in operation, HVAC systems are considered as idle-reduction solutions.

The purpose of SmartAir no-idle system is maximizing comfort, reducing emissions and lowering fuel costs. Compared to its diesel-based compatriot, this battery-based SmartAir utilizes 70% less fuel. Additionally, it charges three times faster than other no-idle battery packs.

To ensure maximum under-berth storage capacity and optimum performance, the system is located outside the cabin. It uses existing ducting and is fully integrated into the existing HVAC system. This makes the system easy to operate. Recently, Peterbilt upgraded its no-idle system by adding a new auto-start technology to it.

The no-idle system comes with interlocks that ensure the new technology does not start unexpectedly .Also, before starting the engine, the system performs several safety checks. On a single charge, SmartAir can operate up to ten hours and it has a cooling capacity of 7500 BTUs per hour.

The new auto-start technology helps to keep the main as well as the auxiliary batteries charged while using electric-powered devices and running the air-conditioning system. The 579s models equipped with SmartAir have auto-start function as a factory installed option. It comes with either a 72 or 80-inch sleeper.

In order to start the truck if the charge falls below the optimal level and to monitor the battery charge levels, the auto-start technology is fully integrated with the truck’s electrical system. According to Peterbilt, the auto-start technology helps customers to reduce their carbon footprint, comply with no-idle regulations, and minimize fuel costs.

Even when the ignition is off, this new Peterbilt feature monitors the main and auxiliary batteries’ charges. The auto-start technology automatically starts the truck and runs the engine until batteries return to their normal level in case the charges fall below the optimal level.

According to Peterbilt’s chief engineer, Landon Sproull, the SmartAir system through its fully integrated, and factory installed no-idle technology provides Peterbilt’s customers with unparalleled climate control performance. With the addition of the new-auto start technology to the system, things can only get better for the American trucks manufacturer. – See more at:

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