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Partnership Between ATA And HDMA For New Trucking Event

Partnership Between ATA And HDMA For New Trucking Event

There are many types of events held in the trucking industry each year. Local companies, regional groups, and even large scale names in the trucking industry throw a variety of shows and expos in order to grow their brand and promote networking opportunities. Collaborative efforts have been utilized by companies in the industry to promote new types of services and improve technology within their organization. But the newest collaborative effort in the industry will see many well-known trucking giants coming together to promote a major commercial vehicle event that promises to have a large impact on the industry as a whole.

American Trucking Associations and the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association division of the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association have announced a recent agreement with Messe Frankfurt Inc., a global event management organization. This new partnership will lead to the creation of a large, North American truck and transportation event. According to ATA President and CEO Bill Graves, the event will help bring major names in the industry together under one roof and showcase some of the most cutting-edge technology the trucking field has to offer. This could include everything from new trucks to new parts to new software platforms that companies may find useful.

The North American event will be held in early fall, biennially. In order to prevent scheduling conflicts with a popular European trucking show that occurs during even-numbered years, the new show will take place only during odd-numbered years. This timeline ensures that every event will be brimming with new technological advancements in the areas of fuel economy, safety, and environmentally-friendly technologies.

An event of this type would be welcomed in the trucking industry, as tougher economic times have many companies looking for new talent and technologies to take their operation to the next level. By combining the trucking industry expertise of ATA and HDMA/MEMA with Messe Frankfurt’s event planning skills, this show promises to be one of the most massive the industry has seen. HDMA COO Tim Kraus had this to say: “Today’s announcement is only the first step of our journey. We intend to fully explore what creating a show of this kind will mean for the transportation industry, as well as for commercial vehicle OEMs, systems and component suppliers and other supply chain elements, the investment community, and trade, financial and general media. It is our hope that we will soon be able to announce what the next step in that journey will be and eventually, the announcement of a date for our inaugural event.”

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