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Panasonic Agrees To Supply Batteries For Medium Duty Trucks

Panasonic Agrees To Supply Batteries For Medium Duty Trucks

Workhorse Group Inc. is an established name in the equipment manufacturing of medium-duty trucks in the US and Canada. This US based company runs its EPA-approved, fully integrated trucks, battery-electric medium duty delivery vehicles and FAA Section 333-exempt unmanned aerial systems (UAS) delivery drones on the roads and in the air. The company is also the proud supplier and developer of a cloud-based telemetric performance monitoring system that immediately tracks, monitors and displays the location and performance analytics of all Workhorse trucks and delivery vehicles.

Hitting the headlines as the sun rose today in the United States of America; Workhorse Group Inc. entered in an agreement with the Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America’s Rechargeable Battery Division (RBD), announcing its decision to supply Panasonic Li-Ion batteries “18650” for the company’s battery-powered medium-duty vehicles.

The CEO of Workhorse, Steve Burns, was delighted to announce this grand agreement. He was reported saying, “We are delighted about our agreement with Panasonic and look forward to a mutually successful relationship. We are quite confident that Panasonic batteries are key to the performance of our electric trucks.”

Workhorse has been striving to expand and evolve as they grow, reshaping their truck system to substitute it with impetus systems that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective in nature. On the other hand, Panasonic’s lithium-ion batteries are known for their durability, high capacity, and cost-friendly performance which are the three qualities Workhorse has been looking for. This new initiative by Workhorse will additionally help them distinguish their battery-electric vehicles.

Panasonic’s new “18650” cells, manufactured in battery packs are especially fashioned to fulfill the route needs of all fleet consumers.

The company is now using Panasonic cells in its E-GEN™ battery-electric, extended-range and E-100 electrically-powered trucks to offer its consumers with the best trucking solutions available. There is no denying that Workhorse trucks enjoy the legacy of being one of the largest and oldest fleets in Canada and the USA, known for their last-mile freight services and other related uses. – See more at:

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