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Online Shipping Rescued By Trucker Teams

Online Shipping Rescued By Trucker Teams

Trucker teams are in great demand during the holiday season. This is due to the hectic online shopping season, which compels most companies to transport large quantities of goods over long distances. But for this, they require an affordable solution. In such a chaotic time, truck-driver teams have once again proven that they are the heroes of the holidays.

This holiday season, most of the retailers and parcel carrier companies turned towards truck-driver teams, in which a driver pairs up with another to enable the truck to travel for hundreds of miles without having the need to rest or stop. This allows the truck to travel for at least 20 hours in a single day. This drastic measure helps keep up with the increasing demand of the holiday season, which strikes the country every year.

As online sales are becoming popular among the masses, retailers and online shopping enterprises are becoming increasingly obsessed with the affordable and convenient transportation of goods via trucking teams. This new trend has also increased a percentage of profit for the small subset of truck drivers, who spend months on the road trying to deliver the goods to their designated destinations. Their hard work pays off in the form of profit, which is worth the hassle of staying away from home for months and sleeping in cramped compartments in the truck cabs.

The schedule of sleeping and driving is only interrupted by short breaks taken on the road for small periods of time. This is mostly propagated by fleet companies that are looking to get the most mileage out of their trucks and some of the driving teams even consist of married couples who stake their marriage, as well as livelihoods, to stay on the road, away from home.

The idea is that at the end of each driver’s shift, the driving position can be swapped, which will help the team to carry goods for double the distance a solo driver would be able to carry. This way, the truck never has to make a stop.

Jason Seidl, analyst at Cowen and Co. said, “If you look across the board, freight transportation’s been down. Expedited carriers have been the only real bright spot.”

This has also pressured major parcel carrier companies, like FedEx and United Parcel Service Inc. to hire extra staff, to handle the holiday surge. Moreover, online companies are offering their consumers an accelerated delivery time of products which has increased the popularity for paired drivers.

Richard Cribbs, chief financial officer of Chattanooga, Tenn-based Covenant Transportation Group Inc., explained the demand of expedited shipping by saying, “There is more of a premium on a consumer receiving something in two days, like from Amazon. And if I don’t have that, I may just go to the store and buy it.”
Companies usually pay more to truck driver teams than solo drivers but even then, recruitment is hard due to the hectic and frenzied nature of the job. But fleet companies all over offer their drivers extra incentives to work on the holidays, particularly when they are working as part of a truck-driver team.
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