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What is the ONE20 Mobile Trucker App?

What is the ONE20 Mobile Trucker App?

It’s no secret that technology is playing a bigger role in trucking today than it has in the past. While some people still consider trucking to be a simple, old-school profession, there have been many innovations in the field throughout recent years. But these changes don’t just come in the form of new engines or ELDs – many apps have been developed to help truckers stay connected, informed, and content on the road. While the ONE20 mobile app isn’t the first one to make its way into the trucking market, it is the first to aim its appeal directly at the driver.

Christian Schenk (founder, president and CEO of ONE20) said: “Until now, technology has been part of the problem, not the solution, because mobile devices and apps have all been developed with the fleet or general consumer, rather than the driver, in mind. Our industry partners, ranging from mobile technology providers to truck stop operators, have announced their commitment to the trucking industry and the professional trucker by helping us deliver unmatched service with a ONE20 app and tablet, built specifically for drivers.”

Not only does this app provide drivers with turn-by-turn navigation assistance and a parking locator, but it will also feature the names of retailers who are committed to providing discounts for drivers. From food to showers to lodging, drivers will be able to save money using this app whenever they’re on the road – and when they’re at home. Schenk said: “We’ve created the nation’s largest and strongest coalition of professional drivers and the ecosystems of products and services they use daily. The end result will be a safer, more enjoyable and more economical way to manage off-duty time, while reducing the overall cost of being a professional truck driver. ONE20 membership is an entirely new way to enhance and enrich drivers’ professional and personal lives.”

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