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ONE20 Launches Commercial Program for Tires

ONE20 Launches Commercial Program for Tires

ONE20 is a popular name in the freight industry. The organization provides services for truckers, and recently announced they’d be extending their list of benefits even further.

Their extensive list of perks has provided many benefits for truckers and administrators, equipping them with the tools necessary to make a difference when every second counts. ONE20’s announcement came at this year’s Great American Trucking Show.

The new perks will become available in the fourth-quarter of 2017. Primarily, the ONE20 Tire service will provide a number of valuable tools and services to commercial operators. The first is free roadside assistance, a tool for promoting both efficiency and safety in the industry.

The service will also offer free navigation assistance and the lowest-priced ELD on the market. For trucking companies worried about the cost of compliance as the upcoming deadline looms, this type of benefit is a welcomed addition to ONE20’s already-extensive line.

According to Jake Dettmer, senior vice president of advertising and affiliate programs at ONE20, the ELD will not include monthly service fees. He also said the company will leverage more than 75,000 service centers and over 200 warehouses throughout the country for the project.

The warehouse-to-consumer format will do more than make things speedier and more efficient – it will make them more affordable. Drivers will be able to cut costs, and not only from a lack of expenses dealing with setup. Given that the installations are expected to be quick, drivers can expect to be back out on the road sooner. This means less downtime and more earnings for drivers and carriers.

“We explored partnerships with industry leaders, but no one could develop the type of program we were looking for with enough savings for the end consumer,” Dettmer said. “Instead, we decided to approach the commercial tire space differently. We’ve had the unique opportunity to work closely with some very talented industry veterans, who have helped us navigate the commercial tire industry in order to develop a program fit for our standards.”

Those using ONE20 Tire’s service will also have access to exclusive deals, free type 2 diabetes medication for a year and other medical discounts through BlinkHealth, and more.

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