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Omnitracs Unveils Latest Routing and Tracking Upgrades

Omnitracs Unveils Latest Routing and Tracking Upgrades

Omnitracs Roadnet Technologies has launched a new upgrade in their FleetLoader, Scheduler and MobileCast to aid fleet companies in maintaining enhanced flexibility and efficiency in route management. It will also be an instrumental enhancement in the field of driver and truck tracking. Omnitracs has provided several high-tech solutions in the past, to the fleet companies, and this modern solution is no different.

The company has provided fleet enterprises with the ability to constantly track the vehicles’ and driver’s operations and route, at all times. Omnitracs has announced the launch date and according to their official representatives, the Roadnet Transportation Suite 3.7.3 will incorporate several new and existing features upgraded with new variables like, premise vehicle routing, tracking, fleet management platform, scheduling, mobile workforce etc.

The latest upgraded solution has allowed truck manufacturing and maintenance companies to take full advantage of the enhanced functionality, which is complimented by the superior performance that it provides. The technology is changing rapidly; therefore, this upgrade is introduced to keep up with the elevating expectations of the customers as well as the fleet companies, regarding the performance.

According to Kevin Haugh, General Manager, Omnitracs Roadnet Technologies, these enhancements will prove to be a game-changer in the industry. The FleetLoader, Scheduler, MobileCast and Roadnet are some of the features of the suite that have been upgraded to an advanced level. By using the enhanced Roadnet Transportation Suite 3.7.3, the clients will be able to apply the upgraded version of the standard routing system.

Previously, drivers had to access standard routes, which required adherence to certified rules. But the enhanced solution allows the customer to retain similar routes, but have the power to initiate them at different times. This will help the drivers when they are dealing with different operations. It will also allow them to accommodate various requirements without changing any part of the route plan. The new feature will save a lot of time and energy. It will improve efficiency, performance level, productivity and optimization.

Haugh said in his statement, “We remain committed to timely and responsive product innovation in response to customers’ requests and in alignment with their changing business needs. By allowing fleets to configure standard routes to align with their specific operational considerations, we have made it easier for them to take advantage of Roadnet’s advanced route planning algorithms.”

The Roadnet Transportation Suite also incorporates cost-efficient, real-time routing options and data collection and management system, equipped with smart analysis tools to ensure that the fleets are running in adherence to the best delivery route system.

Cyndi Brandt, senior director of product marketing and alliances for Omnitracs Roadnet, explained the feasibility of the enhanced system in her statement, “The latest version of the suite incorporates several enhancements to Web services for improved integration with third-party software, such as route accounting and enterprise resource planning applications.”

She further stated, “This new functionality assists with improved importing and exporting of driver information to backend systems and enables users to import and export routes, items and SKUs, which is incredibly valuable when utilizing multiple systems for logistics needs.”

The new software upgrade will allow the trucking industry to operate their fleets with the help of sophisticated algorithms. It will help in establishing route plans and load procedures. Real-time notifications will further allow the drivers to remain informed about the customizable reports which will help in creating the yearly driver performance report.
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