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Ohio Trucker Has Rig Clipped by Plane

Ohio Trucker Has Rig Clipped by Plane

Accidents are an unfortunate but common occurrence in the trucking industry. While truckers involved in accidents usually end up colliding with infrastructure or other vehicles on the road, a driver in Ohio was shocked when trailer got clipped by a small plane.

After hearing a strange thud, a truck driver heading through Fremont thought he may have blown a couple tires. Upon inspection, he found a large landing gear sticking out of his trailer.

71-year-old pilot John Kelly Randall clipped the truck on a low-approach, but was able to land the plane safely afterwards.

Russ Street noted that the impact rocked his trailer, and he initially thought the vehicle may flip. Though he is a 20-year employee with South Shore Transportation, Street was still surprised by the unusual accident.

“I thought I’d seen everything,” Street said.

The site of the accident, Ohio State Route 53, runs perpendicular to the runway at Fremont Airport. Highway Patrol noted that the pilot has 3,500 hours of flight time, though it was unclear why he was traveling at such a low altitude.

The Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating the incident.

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