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NTEA Work Truck Show 2016 Features 3D Printing

NTEA Work Truck Show 2016 Features 3D Printing

3-D printing, or additive printing as it is synonymously called, involves the process of creating three dimensional objects from a computer-designed model in nearly any shape or size. Successive layers of material are laid down at a time, completing a three dimensional figure. Who would have thought that one day this incredible technology will reshape the world around us? And the use of this potentially incredible technology will now be showcased in the upcoming 2016’s Work Truck Show to be held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis from March 1-4.

According to Doyle Sumrall, the NTEA managing director, “When you consider that roughly 60 percent of everything built in the work truck industry is customized in some way, it’s easy to see the advantages of 3-D printing. Manufacturers can use their CAD system to design a component and then use the 3-D printer to make a life-size component model which they can look at from all angles and test fit into its space. That’s a huge potential cost saving that can also drive innovative R&D.”

The Work Truck Show is all set to showcase a 3-D printed replica of a bright red Shelby Cobra Convertible and also an SAF Holland bus and truck next to NTEA’s booth. Both these models have been designed by Cincinnati Incorporated. The company itself will be present to answer on hand questions about its Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) and 3-D printed product line.

In addition, the show organizers also plan to feature 3-D printed truck parts, made by Canaanite Incorporated.

Christopher Lyon, NTEA’s director of fleet relations was also reported saying, “If you have ever wondered how an all-electric, battery-powered work truck performs on city streets, or how a hybrid heavy truck rides on the highway, or what’s new in multipurpose truck bodies, this is your opportunity to gain the firsthand experience that can help you match the right technology to your applications.”

Indeed this classic ride will be the centre of all attention when the show hits the main stage. It is a shout out to all the manufacturing possibilities and how 3-D printing can actually change the status quo of how we see the industry today. The trucking industry has been demanding customized solutions for years and this may be the answer. Not only is this technology less time consuming but also cost-effective for companies.
The Work Truck Show is the largest truck show in all of North America with hundreds of companies displaying their very best products on the market. If interested, make sure to reserve your seats today. – See more at:

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