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Non-Profit Trucking Group Works to Help the Hungry

Non-Profit Trucking Group Works to Help the Hungry

The trucking industry has become more socially involved over the past several decades, with drivers and administrators working to fight everything from obesity in the industry to human trafficking around the world. One of the latest noteworthy movements in the field involves an effort to provide food for the needy and less fortunate.

A group within the trucking industry that was tired of seeing food being wasted established “Move For Hunger.” This organized effort allows van drivers to collect any food items that homeowners are considering throwing out rather than packing.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, nearly 40 percent of all food waste in the US finds its way into landfills. It is estimated that nearly 50 million people in the US (about 30% of which are children) do not have access to healthy meals on a regular basis.

In contrast to organizations like food banks which only receive large donations around the holidays or on special occasions, groups like this provide assistance year-round. This type of effort helps to improve the image of the trucking industry while also providing help to the needy by cutting down on waste.

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