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Nextran Adds Third Location in Atlanta Georgia

Nextran Adds Third Location in Atlanta Georgia

While the commercial freight industry depends on drivers and administrators, they also depend on proper parts and maintenance. Organizations that specialize in these areas are an asset to any established carrier. Nextran Corp. is a well-known name in the trucking industry, and this company continues to show impressive growth. In the third quarter of this year, the company will open a third location in Atlanta Georgia.

The new location will allow Nextran to offers its specialties in trucking sales, maintenance, and repairs to more of the Atlanta area. CEO Jon Pritchett said: “Atlanta is such a large geographical area. We had two locations and needed a third…it really goes to the geographical size of that market. In South Atlanta, near the airport, is one of our facilities. If you drive from there to the new facility in Northeast Atlanta, it’s almost an hour. With the amount of traffic, customers there want us to be easily accessible.”

The location will have 29 service bays and 80 employees. This is a part of a large expansion plan which will span six years. Founded in 1993, the company has been able to increase market share by focusing on internal growth. The numbers look favorable for Nextran, and the company continues to expand their inventory and sales figures in the coming years. Nextran employees over 700 individuals, and has been a solid source for job growth and economic activity in many areas.

The company has profited from focusing on making sure the trucking industry has what it needs to meet the demands of clients. The CEO has been vocal about the company’s position as a customer-focused organization, saying: “A constant goal of ours is to meet customer expectations because our customers make promises to their customers. We’re a customer-focused organization and have developed that culture for more than 20 years. I couldn’t be more proud of the strides we’ve made.”

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