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New Technology All Set to Transform the Trucking Industry

New Technology All Set to Transform the Trucking Industry

New technological advancements are all set to take the trucking industry by storm. The industry will not only be revolutionized by these new advancements, but will also be made much safer than before. The driver’s safety, which has been one of the major concerns over the years, is now aggressively being addressed with new developments being made on fuel efficiency.

Nearly 4,000 Americans are killed each year and about 85,000 are injured in road accidents involving these huge vehicles. Since 2009, death rate due to big rig crashes has increased 17 percent and injuries have raised 28 percent. Considering these numbers, the trucking industry certainly needs an overhaul to improve safety.

Recently, the Utah Department of Transportation in collaboration with Peloton Technology developed a system which demonstrated the automated platform with semitrailers traveling on I-80 in Tooele County. This vehicle to vehicle communication system was targeted at the improvement of the trucking industry with the aim to reduce big rig clashes. John Jacobs, head of data engineering explained that two trucks were grouped together with about 40 to 60 feet of each other and would brake, accelerate and react to road hazards, together.

With the help of technology, constant monitoring could be performed and with the help of operational data, the driver reaction time could be reduced which will result in decreased accident rates also lowering the fuel costs up to 10 percent.

The data engineer, John explained, “The truck driving ahead will be in complete control of driving. The rear truck will utilize the technology to avoid all mishaps. With the help of the radar, combination of sensors, global positioning satellites (GPS) and a camera, a two way communication will be held between the two trucks. Communicating effectively with the latest systems and technologies in place, accidents will be avoided fuel efficiency will be improved.”

In addition to this, a real time video is also integrated which allows the rear driver to view the road ahead of the truck in front. The front truck driver can also clearly see the video which will reduce the reaction time, avoiding accidents and saving precious lives. Data flowing from the trucks will promote safe driving and strong fleet management, Matt Carroll, Peloton’s product manager explained.

This and other technologies are still in the testing phase. They’re being tested with different agencies and companies throughout the country. These systems are designed to reduce the accident rates and improve fuel efficiency. With the diesel rates already declining, the trucking industry can certainly gain from implementation of this technology and save huge amounts that they spend on fuel in a year. According to the initial testing phase results, companies can save up to 10 percent of their fuel costs with the help of this technology.

With experiments still going on and numerous technologies emerging every day, it is still uncertain which technology will be implemented in the trucking industry which will ultimately reduce the number of accidents and will help companies save millions of dollars by assuring fuel efficiency. – See more at:

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