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New Technology All Set to Transform the Trucking Industry

New Technology All Set to Transform the Trucking Industry

With the introduction and implementation of the new, FAST Act Highway Bill, the trucking industry has certainly gained a lot. With a number of industry supporting provisions added in the bill, the act is now industry focused. The trucking companies applaud the U.S. Congress for passing a long-term bill that made substantial initiatives in support of the safety and efficiency of professional truck drivers. With the industry already facing huge challenges, driver shortage being one of the major concerns, this bill has brought something positive for the industry.

Kevin Burch, co-chairman of TMAF, president of Jet Express, Inc., and second vice chairman of American Trucking Associations said in an event, “The FAST Act Highway Bill is great news for every individual in the trucking industry and their families. I congratulate the Congress for taking such a positive step towards the building of a positive trucking industry and improving our nation’s bridges and roads.”

The act worth $305 billion includes major overhaul of the transportation industry, improvements related to logistics, and ends the short term patches that have financed infrastructure projects since 2009. Earning revenues of $682 billion every year, the trucking industry is an essential part of the country’s economy. Throughout the country, seven million trucking professionals are employed in this industry. This huge step towards the improvement of the industry and betterment of the individuals has not only helped the industry to positively contribute to the economy of the United States, but also ensures the safety of the trucking professionals.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers report, about one third of the country’s roads are in poor condition and one out of nine bridges’ structure is deficient. Thus, improving the country’s infrastructure has become a priority and a necessity now. Investing in infrastructure will not only improve the infrastructure of the country, but will also ensure safety of the general public.

The executive vice president of The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, Todd Spencer stated in a conference, “By investing in the country’s transportation industry, the legislators are making an investment in the public’s safety. The FAST Act Highway Bill has showed that the government cares about the millions of professionals working in the trucking industry and that they perform and drive trucks safely. This is certainly welcoming news for the trucking industry and the economy as a whole.”

Although the industry is making its mark and contributing to the economy of the country; however, there are challenges that the industry needs to address and focus on. A number of concerns have been resolved by the FAST Act Highway Bill, but the hiring of truck drivers still remains a concern. The trucking companies are already taking steps to increase the pay scale and including other offers to attract drivers, their safety must be ensured. Taking all these steps will certainly help in resolving the issue and the country will see even greater contribution of the trucking industry to the economy in the coming years. – See more at:

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