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New Speed Limit Rule Continues to Draw Criticism

New Speed Limit Rule Continues to Draw Criticism

Truckers are subject to a number of regulations that affect their ability to do their jobs. While certain regulations are understood and have a level of acceptance within the trucking community, others are viewed as nothing but trouble by a good portion of drivers.

New speed limit rules for large vehicles and busses are causing many in the industry to worry about how their job may be affected. One week into November and over 3,650 comments have been submitted during the public comment period for these new mandates. Many truckers have been extremely outspoken about the potentially negative impacts of new max speed limits.

General consensus among many drivers is that the mandates are not welcomed, with some even asking regulators to leave the trucking industry alone. A good portion of truckers claimed that those who campaign for and approve of mandates in the trucking industry don’t understand how smaller carriers and owner-operators in the fragmented market are affected.

While some larger organizations within the industry have voice their approval of the measure, many think that this simply confirms the mandate was designed to benefit bigger organizations. Many who opposed the policy also cited that trucking accidents had been on the decline when compared to accidents involving other types of vehicles.

The apparent disparity this will create between vehicles on the road may also create problems, with some drivers claiming that the measure could actually increase accidents. As this period of comments continues, it remains to be seen whether or not the input from concerned truckers will have an impact on the mandates implementation.

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