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New Nikola Hydrogen-Electric Class 8 Truck Announced

New Nikola Hydrogen-Electric Class 8 Truck Announced

Nikola has announced the Nikola One hydrogen-electric Class 8 tractor for 2020. Since this isn’t far off in the grand scheme of a fast-paced industry like freight transport, eyes are already on the vehicle and what it’s design might mean for the future.

In a time where things are changing pertaining to the types of technology used in transportation and more specifically freight transport, an announcement like this can make waves. The vehicle was unveiled to 600 individuals including politicians and representatives from major trucking associations.

Scott Romans, CEO of Romans Motor Freight in Omaha Nebraska has reserved 25 of the vehicles already. He said: “You look around and change is coming in all aspects, and trucking is going to follow.” Max Fuller, CEO of US Express Enterprises in Chattanooga, Tennessee said: “This could be the game-changer we’re all looking for. This truck can go 1,200 miles. Electric trucks today are 120 miles.”

In addition to a longer amount of time in between charges, the vehicles also bring a lower maintenance requirement. This could make it a great fit, as one of the major drawbacks of new trucking technology has always been an increased amount of maintenance personnel to service it.

A reliance on driver-friendly components serves as the core of the vehicle, with the electric component acts as an added bonus. “I look at this truck as a heart transplant. Nikola has taken a reciprocating engine, driveline and transmission out and put in an on-board power generation, electric motors and batteries. This will save weight, reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and improve drivability,” Allan Wainscott, General Manager at Thompson Truck Centers said.

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