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New Method Developed for Tracking Rate of Women Truck Drivers

New Method Developed for Tracking Rate of Women Truck Drivers

Though truck driving was once thought of as a man’s profession, more women than ever are proving that gender doesn’t limit a person’s ability to make their living behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. And given that women are joining the industry in greater numbers, a new way of calculating exactly how many female drivers are in the field at any given time.

The Women In Trucking Association recently created the WIT Index to help track the number of working women in the freight transportation industry. The organization partnered with the National Transportation Institute to help gain more accurate data. This move was brought on by concerns about the way the Department of Labor was reporting the number of women in the trucking industry.

It was discovered that the DOL was including some employees as truckers despite the fact that they did not participate in customary, over-the-road driving positions. This combined with a questionable increase in the number of reported female drivers by the DOL led to the development of the WIT organization.

Leah Shaver, NTI’s COO said: “We know that women represent a largely underdeveloped minority group in our industry. We also know, from recent conference discussions and media coverage, that benchmarking gender distribution in our industry is necessary to quantify progress.  We’re going to help trucking companies do just that.”

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