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New Interstate Truck Driving School Coming to Wisconsin

New Interstate Truck Driving School Coming to Wisconsin

The emergence of trucking schools has been very beneficial for job growth. New drivers across the country now have a way to enter the industry quickly. Many aspiring truck drivers in Wisconsin may soon be able to start their career off properly as well. A school in south St. Paul is aiming to set up a new location in the Town of Martell. A building near the intersection of US Highway 63 and state Highway 29 will function as the new school’s classroom and two semi-trailers will also be brought on site.

The school has been providing truck drivers education in Minnesota for nearly two decades. Multiple classes are offered by the organization and students can pursue their Class A or class B commercial driver’s licenses. After getting support from the State Education Board and the Department of Transportation last month, plans for the new facility were officially put into motion once the Pierce County Land Management Committee gave their approval as well.

Admissions Director Darrell Peterson has noted the pressing need for trucker training in the area, and believes that the school will help have a positive impact on individuals and the local economy as a whole. In lieu of a standard driving course, the school will utilize existing classrooms and also provide students with authentic experience on the road.

Schools like this are designed to help combat the phenomenon of driver shortages across the country. The American Trucking Association has highlighted the growing number of openings in the industry, and many hope that schools like this can help attract new talent. Students will pay $4,995 for their 160-hour courses. No major changes will be made to the area in order to implement the school, and

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