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New Federal Regulations for Truck Drivers

New Federal Regulations for Truck Drivers

Like everyone else, truck drivers cannot be their own boss. There are certain rules that they need to follow to ensure safety for themselves and others around them. Keeping in mind the number of accidents that has taken place which included 18 wheelers; new federal regulations have been passed this month to avoid these circumstances.

Truck drivers have now been given a deadline to install Electronic Logging Devices, which will be connected to the engine, substituting traditionally used Log Sheets. This will provide live updates, of the speed and location of the truck, to the shipper. This may be a secure addition to the truck; however, not all truck drivers are in agreement with this regulation.

Bryan Spoon, a 3rd generation trucker who has spent his whole career as a truck driver said, “I run a safe, compliant business. I never had any issues with hours of service. So what does the government get out of monitoring me?”

The fact is that the government won’t be keeping check on the drivers 24/7 and will only ask for accounts when questioning situations of violation. However, the shipping company is another story. Spoon expressed, “These ELDs are going to allow the company to say, ‘why are you stopping?’”

According to Spoon, this law is not favoring the truck drivers as it is taking away the control from them and this will create further problems when the exasperated drivers start quitting their jobs. He said, “The industry is going to lose a whole section of very safe drivers who could work for a few more years and are just going to call it quits.”

A petition by The Owner Operator for review has been filed, by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, after this new rule was published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This petition is stronger than the last one, which was filed in 2012, and is focusing on protecting the drivers in a better way from the trucking companies, who force them to stay on the roads for hours more than the law state.

The Vice President of Association Executive, Todd Spencer, said, “The technology is used simply to push drivers. You can call that harassment or coercion, but it is absolutely the opposite of safety. They will certainly imply that ‘you’re creating a very, very bad situation for us, and if you don’t get from A to B to C, there might not be a load waiting for you when you get there.’”
According to the American Trucking Associations and highway safety advocates, the monitoring will be beneficial as it will stop the drivers from forging their log books. The president of KSM Transportation Advisors, David Roush, favors the new regulation and said, “By having transparency into what the true situation is, companies are more able to ensure time that the driver is spending is productive, and not just sitting around.” – See more at:

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