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New Environmental Regulations Coming to the Trucking Industry

New Environmental Regulations Coming to the Trucking Industry

Federal regulations are continuing to emerge with the aim of helping to reduce commercial vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency. In addition to heavy-duty trucks, the regulations will also apply to many buses and other assorted mid-sized commercial vehicles. These changes have been deliberated on extensively as the debate over environmentalism in the commercial vehicle industry has become more intense throughout recent years.

Commercial vehicles contribute to more than 20% of transportation-based fuel consumption. Much of the debate about greenhouse gas emissions centers around the trucking industry, as commercial vehicles have always struggled to limit their fuel consumption, and, as a result, they have been a source for harmful emissions throughout the years.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department have both said that the new standards will help to reduce carbon emissions, and will also have an impact on fuel efficiency. These changes could save vehicle owners billions of dollars and conserve tens of billions of gallons of oil.

The new standards require up to 25 percent lower fuel consumption in some vehicles – these changes will be made possible thanks to new engines and components which are designed to manage fuel usage more effectively, cut down on waste, and reduce emissions.

A 2.5 percent increase in in fuel efficiency will be required for many vehicles such as heavy duty pickups and dry vans between model years 2021 and 2027. Earlier standards apply to model years 2014-2018. Administrators also say that the new standards will also spend nearly $140 million to help develop these new technologies which will help carriers comply to the new mandates.

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