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New Corporate Partnership Promotes Innovative Trucking Solutions

New Corporate Partnership Promotes Innovative Trucking Solutions

Banyan Technologies is a well-known name in the area of dynamic freight management solutions. Founded as a distributor of commercial construction materials in 2001, the company expand to its current level by sharing its custom-designed logistics platforms with others. At the 2016 Transportation Intermediaries Association Annual Conference, it was announced that Banyan Technologies had entered into an alliance with McLeod Software, an industry leader in transportation, dispatch, accounting, and brokerage management software. The partnership was established with the aim of creating a more focused, all-in-one software solution for companies looking to manage their shipments more effectively and achieve growth.

“With the onset of complex operations within a transportation company and the need of integrated solutions,” said Lance Healy, Banyan Technology President, “The McLeod partnership allows the power of our combined systems to service those companies looking for a single-source to expand their cost control and shipment visibility.” Committed to being a trusted name in the areas of 3PL and brokerage. Through helping companies to process more loads, accelerate invoicing, and grow their portfolio of clients, Banyan has become a well-known name. Banyan Technology partnering with a company like McLeod Software means big things for the trucking industry, including collaborative solutions that combine positive elements from top trucking software providers.

McLeod Software has been in operation since 1985, and the Birmingham, Alabama-based operation has boasted a 96% customer retention rate. Given their versatile nature and ability to help trucking companies handle a wide variety of business functions, McLeod Software has become a top choice for companies seeking cost-efficient solutions. By combining their wide range of solutions with the innovative nature of Banyan’s web platform, the company presents the opportunity for cutting-edge options in the trucking industry. Given that trucking has consistently been impacted positively by the use of technology in the field over the past decade, this type of partnership has great potential.

A single, neutral, easy-to-use application could present greater chances for collaborations among carriers, deliverers, and receivers in the industry. A collaborative effort of this type sets an important example in the industry for companies who are realizing they can accomplish much more by working together rather than competing directly. Giving smaller companies a chance to improve their facilities with logistics, freight, and brokerage management makes growth easier than ever to accomplish. And even the most successful company can improve operations by utilizing the efforts of two leaders in the field.

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