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New Autonomous Truck Hearing Draws Criticisms

New Autonomous Truck Hearing Draws Criticisms

A new federal policy regarding autonomous cars and trucks was issued this past Tuesday by the Obama administration. While the topic has generated much discussion within the trucking industry, the new policy is drawing both positive and negative responses.

Though the rules were well-received by some manufacturers who maintained that the new policies would help self-driving trucks get to the road safely (and sooner), others had grievances with the process. Much of the controversy comes from some maintain they were left out of the consulting process of or these very important rules.

Chris Spear, Chief Executive of the American Trucking Associations said: “It is disconcerting that the department and the administration have developed these guidelines with virtually no involvement from the trucking industry.”

The trucking industry handles nearly 70 percent of US domestic freight, and Spear maintained that because of this they should have been involved in such an important decision. Given that the decision could affect everything from transport laws to infrastructure, it could significantly impact truckers.

However, discussion about these policies is not over. The policy will be published in the Federal Register, and then a 60-day period will follow in which discussion can continue.

The autonomous vehicle movement is concerning for some, but for different reasons than many would expect. Though safety and job loss are a big part of the issue, many feel that the commercial vehicle industry is being pushed out of this important decision making process.

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