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New App Can Help Drivers Find Truck Stops

New App Can Help Drivers Find Truck Stops

The truck stop has always been the commercial driver’s safe haven on the road. When a driver needs to find a trucker-friendly parking lot they can use to take a break and stretch their legs, a clean restroom, or even a quick bite to eat, a quality truck stop can be the solution. But it isn’t always easy to find these types of locations, especially when a truck driver is traveling through unfamiliar territory. But recently the creators of Trucker Path announced a new feature which may be able to solve this problem.

The app’s new feature allows truck stop owners to provide information to drivers about their facilities. Parking spots, amenities, services, size, prices, and more can all be uploaded to the app so drivers can easily determine which stops they’d like to visit during any given route. Trucker Path founder and CEO Ivan Tsybaev said: “By using the truck stop management feature, owners and managers can increase business volume by attracting drivers with current routes that pass directly by their locations. This and other features improve the work lifestyle of drivers by providing accurate, real-time information, including parking availability, to optimize their trip planning.”

An authentication process is utilized to help verify owners and managers. This lets them easily access the app in order to read and respond to reviews. This aspect of the system provides quality assurance and helps ensure that feedback and content are as legitimate and impartial as possible. Being able to find a quality truck stop can improve a driver’s journey, and Trucker Path’s new feature makes it easier than ever.

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