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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Begins

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Begins

September 8th marks the beginning of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The event will celebrate the industry’s 3.5 million professional drivers, and will be handled by the American Trucking Associations.

ATA President and CEO Chris Spear spoke about the event, saying: “This week was created to commemorate and support the industry professionals who work daily to deliver America’s goods. Truck drivers are hardworking men and women who practice safety on the roads and serve as the faces of our industry. These drivers improve our collective quality of life by making personal commitments to safety and delivering our critical goods like medicine, food, buildings supplies, and clothing.”

Over 80 percent of communities across the United States rely heavily on truck drivers. Without freight delivery on a regular basis, businesses and towns of all sizes would struggle to meet the economic needs of individuals. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was created to bring attention to this important job, and to provide the public with information about the industry.

Truckers have the distinction of handling deliveries in areas where ports, rails, and other methods of transportation aren’t as efficient. Everywhere from the biggest metropolitan areas to the tiniest remote townships benefit from the skills of truckers.

Most recently, drivers have been helping out with the efforts to rescue those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Drivers are already gearing up to assist in rescue and recovery efforts for Hurricane Irma, as well. Though rarely given the same type of credit as other first-responders, drivers delivery critical supplies in times of crisis. In many cases, they risk their own wellbeing to do so.

ATA is currently working with logistics networks and FEMA officials to help coordinate more rescue efforts. Over one-and-a-half million truckers were affected by the storms, but those with means and equipment are still trying to help.

ATA first vice chairman David Manning said: “Truck drivers work day in and day out to make our jobs possible, our shopping more convenient, and our roads a lot safer. Truck drivers are entrusted with large vehicles, yet we know we can rely on them to be fully aware of their surroundings on the road and make good decisions. They make safety their responsibility and truly deliver everything that makes our economy function.”

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