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Multiple Trucks Recalled Due to Safety Concerns

Multiple Trucks Recalled Due to Safety Concerns

Recalls of equipment are somewhat common in the trucking industry. Though these types of instances do raise cause for concern, they are done with the intention of creating safer performance on the road and preventing accidents.

Recently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that Daimler Trucks North America would be recalling several models of their freightliner trucks in order to fix a number of pressing safety issues. Over 250 freightliner M2 Business Class and Severe Duty trucks were found to be at risk for loose bolts. This problem could result in problems with braking and may increase the risk of a crash.

One of the vehicle types which is being recalled is a medium-duty model used predominantly in pickups and deliveries. The other is used for construction and for heavy-haul operations. These vehicles were manufactured between March 2015 and July 2016.

According to a notice given by the NHTSA, owners and dealers will be notified about the issue and bolts can be tightened as necessary free of charge. Additionally, a number of Daimler’s freightliners that run on compressed natural gas will be recalled as well.

A power distribution module near the fuel tank of these vehicles may result in electrical problems. Adequate time will be given to the company so they can make the necessary changes. Appropriate parties will also be informed about these issues so they can make corrections as necessary.

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