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How Much Does Trucking Invest in Safety?

How Much Does Trucking Invest in Safety?

Trucking is a costly industry. Fuel, maintenance, and other expenses are unavoidable, leading many drivers to work under a major carrier in order to get their expenses covered. But there are some aspects of truck driving which may have been neglected in recent decades. Safety may be one of these, but recent years have seen a greater emphasis being placed on proper driving habits and accident prevention.

Some may wonder exactly how much the trucking industry invests in safety every year. According to a new report by the American Trucking Associations, approximately $9.5 billion is spent yearly on safety training, safety equipment, and other factors designed to make truck driving a safer profession for all. This includes the drivers and the motoring public they share the roads with.

Nearly 40% of annual spending can be attributed to training, as proper driving habits prevent accidents. Additionally, a large amount of safety equipment has also become prominent throughout recent years. These include electronic logging devices, video recording equipment, and truck parts designed to help prevent accidents. Many believe that these type of investments will have a positive impact on trucking as a whole.

Funds have also been allocated to regulatory compliance, as many laws have been passed pertaining to safe truck driving. In addition to spending money on maintaining compliance with legislation, many trucking companies have also created financial incentives for safe truck driving. By rewarding drivers for safe road habits, trucking companies make it more worthwhile for drivers to take safety into consideration.

ATA President Bill Graves said: “Since economic deregulation in 1980, we have seen marked declines in truck-involved crashes and crash rates on our highways, and in the past decade, those declines have been particularly steep. Safety is job one for ATA and its members, and the efforts we’re making to improve it are remarkable and, for the first time, quantifiable.”

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