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More Jobs for Self-Employed Truckers Coming Soon?

More Jobs for Self-Employed Truckers Coming Soon?

Being an owner-operator isn’t easy, but most people enjoy the chance to work for themselves. In addition to creating their own schedule, self-employed truckers get to take jobs as they need them. This provides a greater work-life balance and provides drivers with the freedom to refuse routes if they don’t feel comfortable with them.

Other than managing expenses personally, the one drawback of being an owner-operator has always been that it is more difficult to find consistent work. But apps like Trucker Path, Convoy, and Amazon’s new creation may make it easier for decentralized freight transport to take place – and this is great news for those who are self-employed.

These apps provide shippers and receivers with a way to find one another and eliminate the need for third-party brokers. Not only does this make it easier for carriers to reduce costs, but it allows self-employed drivers to find work.

This type of trucking market was once called fragmented, but with the removal of the middleman the same market could become even more competitive than ever before. Combined with the forecasted increase in demand and pricing expected over the next decade, self-employed drivers could be joining a better work environment soon.

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