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More Details on the San Antonio Smuggling Case

More Details on the San Antonio Smuggling Case

New details have emerged in the case of James Bradley Jr., a truck driver who is facing human trafficking charges after ten undocumented immigrants perished in the back of his trailer during an alleged smuggling attempt turned fatal.

The incident is already being ranked among the most gruesome human trafficking incidents in U.S. history, with many individuals still injured as a result of being trapped inside the sweltering container without proper airflow or water.

The driver claims he did not know the individuals were inside, and was caught off guard when they emerged from the trailer once he came to a stop in a Walmart parking lot. However, evidence has surfaced against the trucker. This impacts his reputation both inside and outside of the freight industry.

It was revealed that the driver had his commercial driving privileges suspended just three months ago. This was due to his failure to submit a new medical card and prove he was fit enough to operate a commercial truck. The 60-year old trucker also has federal violations dating back to the 90s, including multiple instances of logging hours beyond the allowed amount.

Bradley also has a criminal record dating all the way back to 1997. He has been arrested and charged in various states on charges of assault, escape, grand theft, traffic offenses, and menacing others.

The company he works for, Pyle Transportation, has also garnered a questionable reputation. The organization owes taxes dating back to 2014, and in 2000 it was charged with a felony for fraud.

Despite the gruesome nature of the crime he was involved in, Bradley’s attorney has said the driver shouldn’t face the death penalty. More immigrants were recently found in a secondary inspection inside another truck – one that was caught in the same inspection point where Bradley has passed through.

Those who advocate for the death penalty do so because of the fatal nature of the accident. Bradley’s legal representatives, however, maintain that this punishment is inappropriate since the driver didn’t intend to kill anyone.

Officials have been working diligently to prepare the surviving immigrants to testify in the case, while also working to identify the bodies of the deceased.

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