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Mitsubishi Fuso Brings Us Closer to Fully Electric Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso Brings Us Closer to Fully Electric Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso of America announced the Canter E-Cell during the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis and it is another sign that the era of electric vehicles is here. It is a foregone conclusion now that in the future, most new trucks will be electric. We have just been waiting for the technology to improve enough that the tipping point is crossed and companies start buying electric instead of diesel. The government is also invested in electric trucks and for good reason; they result in much, much lower emissions than normal trucks.

The truckers aren’t unhappy either; they know that anything which lets them do their work while minimizing the harm to the environment is a good thing. The one thing which has been limiting electric trucks is their low capability. Mitsubishi Fuso of America has brought us closer to the tipping point with the Canter E-Cell, a medium duty vehicle that can go a 100 kilometers with a payload of 4,400 pounds. The cabover truck has been tested already in Portugal for more than 500,000 kilometers and was liked by the drivers over there. Mitsubishi Fuso is hoping that local truck drivers feel the same way.

Another sign that Mitsubishi Fuso is serious about making the industry electric is they chose to reveal the truck at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, an event filled with truckers, instead of a technology convention like most new electric vehicles. It is unlikely, however, that this truck replaces a lot of trucks because there are still a few limits to what it can do. The charging time is one hour when using a special electric car charging port; charging it in-house with AC will mean hours and hours of charging just to travel a 100 kilometers.

Mitsubishi knows the limitations are too much for the truck to completely replace similarly sized diesel trucks, which is why they are going for a specific market. The truck is aimed at big cities with a large population, like New York. The truck will be able to perform all the duties of a truck required in such close quarters and it will be easy to charge it in big cities as well. The truck has zero emissions from the tail pipe. If the emissions released during the making of the batteries are included the truck will still lower emissions, about 37%, compared to diesel trucks. – See more at:

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