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Minnesota Power Introduces Its New Hybrid Vehicle

Minnesota Power Introduces Its New Hybrid Vehicle

Based in Duluth Minnesota, Minnesota Power is a utility company and a subsidiary of ALLETE Inc., which is a leader in providing reliable and affordable energy services in the northeastern Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. The company is committed to offer a reliable and secure regional power system that provides electricity to a 26,000 sq. miles area. The company facilitates wholesale electric services to 6 metropolises and about 144,000 customers.

The company delightfully announced the new addition in their company news release. The new plug-in hybrid vehicle will soon be spotted on roads, conducting daily tasks. This latest electrically-powered truck is one of its kind and the first-ever to operate the cold Duluth environment. As for its appearance, it may look like an ordinary semi-truck it has much more to offer than just carrying load. The truck has been especially designed to perform at quieter noise levels and is eco-friendly, the two things that are highly unlikely in other similar truck models.

Dan Gunderson, the Director of Distribution Operations at Minnesota Power, stated, “This solves a long standing problem-having to have a truck idling whenever we’re doing our work so we’re really excited to have this new technology to do that. Our trucks burn a lot less fuel, have lower emissions and it is better for the environment overall.” He further added, “It looks like a normal bucket truck, but it’s a whole lot more quiet, especially when crews will be working.”

The truck, although running on gas, will be equipped with a boom and bucket that are electrically-powered which means that even when the truck is off, they will continue to function. Gunderson also reported that the new hybrid plug in is a joint collaboration of Minnesota and Altec.

When speaking about this newest invention, Gunderson couldn’t keep his happiness to himself and often remarked, “We’re really excited to have [this new technology]…and really have our trucks operating on a lot less fuel, lower emissions, and really better for the environment.”

The new trucks will soon be added into the company’s fleet; in fact, they have already inaugurated the truck on a trial basis. The company believes that its success will determine whether more advanced and upgraded versions for this hybrid model will be joining Minnesota Power’s fleet or not. – See more at:

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