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Michelin’s Updated Steer Tire Promises 20% More Mileage 

Michelin’s Updated Steer Tire Promises 20% More Mileage 

Michelin has introduced an all new steer tire which, according to the company, is set to offer 20% more mileage as compared to any other. This claim is also being backed up by a guarantee. The latest X Line Energy Z was unveiled by the tire manufacturer at the spring meetings of the Technology & Maintenance Council.

According to Michelin, the latest design is all set to give 20% more mileage as compared to the leading linehaul steer tires. If this fails to happen, Michelin vows to pay the customer back double the differential of the price among the tires. XZA3+ has been replaced by the new tire.

Adam Murphy, the Michelin Americas Truck Tires’ vice president of marketing says the company is renowned for offering leading even wear and mileage. This evolution will be continued by X Line Energy Z, which will also provide increased fuel economy so the fleets get exactly what they need. Murphy says the X Line Energy Z is simply all about enabling fleets to avail the most from their linehaul steer tires.

Murphy explained that the steer tire has a double compound tread which offers fuel efficiency and long life. Furthermore, the tread has directional mini-sipes and decoupling grooves for promoting even tread wear. It comes equipped with the latest casing design which is backed with a 7 year long, 700,000 mile warranty. According to Michelin, the latest casing design offers as much as 5% less resistance in rolling.

According to Murphy, the customers will be able to avail 3 retreads from the tire.

From the 1st of March, the tire is now available in 275/80R24.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5, and 11R22.5 sizes in both H and G load ranges.

According to Murphy, the dry van LTL, dry van truck load, tanker, flatbed, refrigerated, as well as autohauler segments are being targeted by Michelin with this new tire. Murphy says this tire has been tested thoroughly against competitive options, providing the tire manufacturer the confidence for offering this unique guarantee for mileage.

If the new Michelin steer tire really does offer what it promises, then this will definitely be ground breaking news for the automotive industry which will be all set to revolutionize the tire market. – See more at:

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