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Michael Scheuller Nominated as Outstanding Trucker Buddy

Michael Scheuller Nominated as Outstanding Trucker Buddy

Trucker Buddy International is a non-profit, independent organization that focuses on helping trucking improve its image across North America. They also work toward educating individuals of all ages about the truck driving industry and the important role it plays. Recently Michael Schueller has been nominated as an outstanding driver.

Schueller was nominated by Verlene Wilson, a 3rd and 4th grade teacher at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Post Falls, Idaho. Wilson said: “I would like to nominate Trucker Buddy, Michael Schueller for outstanding driver. He has been the Trucker Buddy in my classroom for five years. Faithfully he has sent over 500 postcards and pictures to the kids during this time. He personally writes letters to the kids at least 6 times per year. Our Trucker Buddy is loved by all the kids that have had him as their Trucker Buddy. He is known for bringing cookies to the class each time he visits. Each year he brings his truck for the students to tour. A highlight of their year. One lucky student gets to honk the horn! We invite him to go on field trips with us, which he faithfully does when he is in town.

Mr. Schueller has no kids of this own so he has adopted our class. His wonderful wife who often accompanies him is now fighting cancer. In spite of this he has voiced that he wants to continue to be our Trucker Buddy this year. He deserves to be honored as a special Trucker Buddy.”

The selection process for truckers to get matched with a class is very extensive. The complexity of a driver’s life on the road can translate well into reading, writing, mathematics, and geography skills in an academic setting.

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