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Meritor Introduced Lighter-Weight Axles

Meritor Introduced Lighter-Weight Axles

At the spring meetings of the Technology and Maintenance Council, Meritor unveiled an all new 13X drive axle as well as a MFS+ steer axle which is comparatively light in weight.

Designed for the linehaul applications, the MFS+ steer axle is nearly 85 pounds lighter, which is all thanks to the latest gooseneck beam design along with the offset knuckle that has integrated tie-ride arms and torque plate.

Chris Villavarayan, the President of Americas for Meritor announced that the MFS+ (Meritor Front Steel axle) represents the upcoming step in the front-steer axle revolution with an optimized design as well as integrated components for reducing weight. The axle is currently available in wide track and standard configurations. It also has a gross rating of axle weight which is between 12,000-13,200 pounds.

Meritor also announced that the latest 13X for applications of Classes 6/7 is about to enter the production later on in this year.

Karly Mayer, the director of axles and product strategy from North America for Meritor believes that with a design that’s power-dense, the 13X is manufactured to exceed all expectations of the customers in terms of durability and performance. Mayer says the 14X platform has definitely served the company well in the markets, but they have decided to finally listen to the requests of their OEM customers and produced an axle which is more efficient, lighter, and designed to match the requirements of applications that are medium duty.

The rations that the 13X is set to be available with are from 3.90 to 6.50. Furthermore, its gross ratings of axle weight are between 17,000-21,000 pounds.

Another important announcement from Meritor revealed that they have extended the warranty coverage to 7 years for their optional Axle Pack 7 on highway trailer wheel ends. The coverage includes stators, thru-tees, spindle nuts, hubcaps, seals, bearings, and hubs for the MTIS (Meritor Tire Inflation System) by PSI when you select the MTIS option combined with the Axle Pack 7.

The introduction of lighter-weight axles from Meritor is definitely good news as trucking enthusiasts finally have something to look forward to in the face of modernized, high quality axles that will provide the utmost in terms of performance and value. – See more at:

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