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Management vs. Equipment: Which is the Bigger Safety Hazard?

Management vs. Equipment: Which is the Bigger Safety Hazard?

Everyone knows how important it is for truck drivers to handle their rigs safely on the road. Drivers are used to complying with strict training requirements and safety mandates in order to minimize the possibility of accidents in their line of work.

However, as dedicated as some truckers may be to safety, there are some situations where drivers are put at risk. This in turn forces them to put the motoring public at risk, even if it is by no choice of their own.

In some cases, drivers are unaware of safety hazards that are affecting their performance. In other instances, drivers are pressured to bend the rules or bypass certain safety requirements in order to save money or speed things up.

What is the greatest threat to driver safety? Both faulty equipment and demanding management can make a driver’s job harder, and cause them to put others in harm’s way. Understanding how each one can affect a driver’s performance shows just how much of a threat these factors can be, as well as how they can sometimes be connected.

When it comes to equipment, things like improper or half-done inspections can leave drivers dealing with serious mechanical issues when they’re on the road. Outdated trucks and equipment that doesn’t comply with current safety regulations may be cheaper, but these things can pose a major safety hazard by rendering commercial trucks hard to control.

Management can also affect the safety habits of their drivers. Some administrations push drivers to work beyond their allowable hours. They may also pressure drivers to take unsafe routes or even to transport illegal materials.

In some cases, management pressures drivers to work with unsafe equipment, showing how these two hazards can be connected. Drivers who are asked to transport freight beyond allowable weight limits or pilot rigs without proper safety features can lead to mechanical problems and serious safety hazards.

Drivers should be mindful of the type of management they’re working for and the equipment they’re using. Both can have an impact on a driver’s well being and their performance on the road.

If a driver’s equipment or carrier is lackluster, there is a likelihood that they will experience problems with both of these factors.

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