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Major Trucking Groups Urge Lawmakers to Support NAFTA

Major Trucking Groups Urge Lawmakers to Support NAFTA

Trucking companies and commercial operators are a studious bunch. They analyze their industry, and the implications of public policy on business.

Major trucking coalitions have recently joined together in an effort to show the importance of free trade for their field. They’re urging lawmakers to support NAFTA, which they see as a catalyst for productivity within their line of work.

Organizations that support this include The American Trucking Associations, the Canadian Trucking Alliance, and Mexico’s CANACAR. Collectively, they represent a massive amount of truckers and trucking businesses throughout North America. In a joint statement given at ATA’s annual Management Conference & Exhibition, the groups pushed for an update to the trade agreement in a manner that would continue to help trade.

The trucking industry is vital for maintaining supply chains across interstate and international lines. Every industry from medical to commercial to food depends heavily on truckers to haul the goods to their destination.

ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello spoke about this importance during the meeting, saying: “Trucking and trade are synonymous. Every year, 46,000 U.S. trucking jobs can be linked to trade with Canada and Mexico.”

Negotiations for NAFTA have been extended into next year. Among the proposal is a sunset clause, which would require the agreement to be renewed every five years. Trucks are estimated to move over 70 percent of the freight across the U.S./Canadian Border, and over 80 percent across the U.S./Mexico border.

The joint statement said: “NAFTA truck-transported trade supports tens of thousands of trucking industry jobs across the continent and generates billions in revenue annually. Trucking jobs created from North American trade are good-paying jobs, from our professional commercial drivers, to dispatchers, sales personnel, managers, and many others. In fact, our industry demonstrates how trade creates good, solid long-term jobs across the continent. The ripple effects are significant, too. In order to haul all the trade across our borders, our industries have to buy a significant amount of goods and services, from equipment to fuel to tires to insurance. This, in turn, supports many jobs. Not only do we haul this cross-border freight efficiently, we do it safely – regardless of the carrier’s country of origin.”

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