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Main Challenges Facing Trucking in 2017

Main Challenges Facing Trucking in 2017

While it has been previously noted that truck driving is forecasted to improve throughout 2017, the industry isn’t without its challenges. Overcoming obstacles will be key to achieving the predicted growth efficiently.

One of the first changes facing trucking stems from regulatory compliance for a number of new regulations. While a new trucker-friendly administration may cause future mandates to be stopped, a few of the laws which have already been passed are likely here to stay. This means carriers will need to work to adapt to the new mandates while ensuring it doesn’t impact them financially.

Another problem is the continued driver shortage. While hiring numbers are expected to increase slowly over 2017 as demand increases, the shortage is still a real problem. Quick demand spikes could pose problems for carriers that can’t adjust to the change quick enough. Carriers that take proactive steps to scout for new talent in the present may find they are better prepared for the future.

Another issue which has been talked about by the incoming administration has been infrastructure. Many trucking experts agree that drivers could do their job safer and more efficiently with better-quality roads and bridges.

The final challenges that carriers will face is responding to incoming demand in a manner that creates long-term growth. Carriers will need to work to build quality business relationships in the fragmented market after a rough 2016. The new year may be profitable for carriers of all sizes so long as logistics experts and administrators are able to manage current resources while expanding at a steady rate.

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