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Mack Continues to Innovate in the Trucking Field

Mack Continues to Innovate in the Trucking Field

Mack is a popular name in the freight transportation and delivery business. Their history of producing quality trucks has earned them a good reputation among carriers of all sizes and sectors. And while their legacy is already well established, the company continues to innovate and offer new technologies to those in the trucking field.

“At Mack, we’ve always been determined to develop trucks and powertrains that help our customers achieve their desired business goals,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of sales. “We’ve done this through a focused effort on engineering products and designing services that offer real-world benefits to our customers, such as increased fuel efficiency or improved uptime.”

The company recently introduced a new engine and two new transmissions. Each piece of equipment was designed to capture the good qualities of the company’s previous products while also moving things forward with new innovations.

Their newer products are designed to provide some of the aforementioned real-world benefits. And given their knowledge of the field, some of these benefits are hard to find in other types of gear. For example, designing their gear to haul heavier loads with ease or perform better on steep surfaces allows Mack to continue their positive impact on the trucking industry by bringing benefits to the areas where other gear providers don’t.

Mack is able to pursue these innovations thanks in large part to the SuperTruck program. This is a partnership of public and private interests which aims to provide resources for research and development of high-quality truck parts, components, and technology.

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