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MACK Approves Renewable Diesel for Its Engines

MACK Approves Renewable Diesel for Its Engines
The dealers or customers, who were eager to fill their Mack trucks with renewable diesel can now, breathe a sigh of relief, because the manufacturing company has given a go ahead sign concerning it. Mack is a Greensboro, N.C. based truck manufacturer, which signed off on the approval agreement, allowing the buyers to fill their Mack trucks with renewable fuel, generated from biomass.
The approval was signed on Thursday, after a long testing phase that incorporated all the trucks manufactured by the company.

Stu Russoli, Mack highway and Powertrain products marketing manager, stated in a news release, “As the availability and customer requests for renewable diesel fuel increase, we worked to ensure its compatibility with our engines. This approval gives Mack customers who seek to reduce their environmental footprint an additional choice when it comes to alternative fuels.”

Mack believes that renewable fuel has the ability to deliver the same power to the truck engine and will perform on similar levels as the petroleum diesel. Moreover, it also provides the customers with added benefits, like low maintenance costs, and will also help in degrading the volume and effects of greenhouse gases. Renewable diesel is similar to traditional biodiesel, which is extracted from biomass feedstock, animal oils and fats. The only difference between them is that renewable diesel is produced in a different way, which allows it to maintain physical and chemical properties similar to petroleum products and allows it to meet the ASTM D975 standardized specifications.

In November, The U.S. Energy Information Administration said that the hike in renewable diesel production has made it easier to incorporate it into the transportation industry on a large scale. More than a billion gallons of renewable diesel was produced worldwide in 2014. In July, UPS made an announcement to purchase 46 million gallons, divided in the course of three years, as an initiative to save on fuel costs, by gradually shifting from conventional fuel choices towards bio-fuels, by the year 2018.
Concerning the media’s interest in the new announcement, Mack stated that the Lower Macungie Township plant is where all the Mack trucks bound for North American markets are manufactured. The trucks for export purposes are also assembled in this 1-million square-foot facility.

Mack spokesman Christopher Heffner said that the company’s decision to approve renewable diesel fuel for its engines will have no effect on the manufacturing process in Lehigh Valley facilities as the engines are manufactured in a Powertrain factory in Hagerstown, Md.

Mack also explained that the California Air Resources Board has recently done a life cycle analysis and demonstrations, concerning the effects of renewable diesel fuel on the environment, and on the reduction of greenhouse and other hazardous gases. They concluded that they can help in decreasing these harmful effects by 15%-80%, depending on the quality and type of livestock feed utilized for their manufacturing. Mack’s announcement is followed by the announcement made by Volvo, which is its parent company.

Volvo Trucks North America stated that it also approves the usage of renewable diesel fuel in its engines.

Frank Bio, director of sales development, specialty vehicles and alternative fuels for Volvo Trucks North America said in a statement, “Environmental care is a core value of Volvo Trucks, and we are pleased to offer our customers another alternative fuel choice. Availability of renewable diesel fuel is growing in California and throughout the country. Renewable diesel meets the same ASTM D975 standard for petroleum diesel, making it a true ‘drop in’ fuel.” – See more at:

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