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Long Trucker Turn Times an Issue in LA and Long Beach

Long Trucker Turn Times an Issue in LA and Long Beach

Truck drivers in Los Angeles and Long Beach noticed a change in the month of June. Longer lines were present to the dismay of many drivers. Congestion lead to many problems, including additional costs and under-performance at many terminals. Average truck visit times at container terminals was up five minutes from the month of May according to reports.

These increased times are due to traffic congestion, but are also due in large part to a few select terminals which have been performing at lower levels than anticipated. Many drivers who are forced to wait for long periods of times at terminals may become frustrated at lost road time and lost pay, leading some of them to leave the company or even the industry altogether. In order to deal with this, many companies offer to pay drivers for this wait time.

Another strategy that many trucking companies utilize to deal with this issue is to levy a congestion surcharge on companies whose freight must be taken through frequently congested terminals. High surcharges during early 2015 also presented problems in the industry, but these returned to normal levels later in the year.

Truck visit times are published monthly. This allows those in the industry to analyze data and discuss strategies to get the numbers where they’d like. On average, more terminals were under the average visit time, but those that were above skewed the data by exceeding averages by a wide margin. Many organizations are working together to reduce these times. From terminal automation to improving infrastructure at ports, many small changes have helped to reduce turn times.

These areas are considered to be great spots for gathering data used in gauging port performance across the entire coast. Congestion may continue to be a problem, but the proper strategies can help alleviate it.

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